Booking Advise

What to look for when booking a character princess, superhero or mascot to attend your party.

Please make sure you know who you are booking with; we have recently had an increase in the number of phone calls asking if we can attend a party at the last minute due to the original booked company letting the customer down.

We have also been alarmed with phone calls asking why we are not at a party when we have not been booked, if we can assist we always will and on a number of occasions we have finished an event to then head to another and save the day when someone has been let down.

We take a deposit to secure your booking; this gives you peace of mind and confirms we will attend, you will have our contact number and we are available to discuss your requirements, many other companies don’t take deposits and these are often the ones that cancel on you last minute.

Check who will be attending your party; there have been some really embarrassing articles recently where companies have asked unverified entertainers to cover a party for them.

Our character princess, superhero or mascots will always attend your party accompanied with a party organiser to ensure the event runs smoothly and our team are experienced entertainers who understand and appreciate how important your day is.

The pictures on our website of our princess’s and superheroes all work for Bristol and North Somerset Mascots; check our about page for details, not all princesses and superheroes are of this standard and you may be shocked with who turns up.

Ask if they have any verifiable feedback from other clients that have booked with them. Our Facebook page is open to all and has a large number of dated reviews.

The costumes we use are very expensive; we won’t use cheap fancy dress costumes, please ensure the company you book has good quality costumes.

Our staff are DBS checked (previously known as a CRB check) and we are fully insured, we can provide our public liability insurance and thankfully we have never had to use it but every company should have insurance in place.

Many companies have been closed due to Disney copyright infringement, please be careful when booking with a company providing Disney princesses. Bristol and North Somerset Mascots has no association with the Walt Disney Company.

We hear sad and distressing stories about other companies that have been booked for party’s so even if you don’t join with us please make sure you do your research on the superhero/ princess party company you are choosing.

You invariable get what you pay for, if a company is offering very cheap party entertainers it is probably for a reason.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose the right party entertainment company and your party is truly memorable.


©2015 Bristol and North Somerset Mascots, content may not be reproduced, altered or copied in anyway without express permission.

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