Web content and image usage

We have found recently several companies using our web content including our testimonials, images and creative text and passing it of as their own.

Although we do appreciate that this is flattering and shows Bristol and North Somerset Mascots must be building it’s reputation in a positive way it’s not nice.

If you do this you are misleading your potential customers, we pride ourselves on the services we offer and earn our testimonials from providing a service that is appreciated.

We invest time, effort and money in our website and social media sites, please do not duplicate our content and misrepresent your company or organisation.

We are very proud of our princess’s and superheroes and love seeing their pictures through social media sites, we can’t encourage our friends and customers enough to share the photos they have taken.

We do not appreciate our images and photographs being used for commercial purposes without our permission, we know we are a very small company striving to be successful in a big world and may even be considered by many as irrelevant.

Unlike many companies who offer party entertainment and provide princess, superhero and mascot characters we clarify on our site we have no association with the Walt Disney Company, we use no Disney images, trademarks or copyrighted material, we do this as we are known to the Walt Disney Company.

We are delighted to forewarn at least one of our previous employees is now a very successful princess actress in Disneyland Paris in the employ of the Walt Disney Company and is understandable very protective of their image rights as I’m sure you can appreciate as is their employer.

Duplication of our content may bring you more attention than expected.

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